Monday, October 24, 2011

Current Acts of Loony Crawford

Loony Crawford
Loony Crawford is a stuffed loon legally obtained by Lucas Butterfield. Loony is looking forward to going to Moab very soon. Loony does not speak English. He only speaks Loonese. Luckily, Loony's friend Wolfy knows how to speak all bird languages, so he translates for Loony at the time while teaching him English. Loony has black wings spotted with white. He also has a black and white striped neck. Loony has a black head and beak, and has red eye color. Loony came from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was technically saved because it is beginning to get extremely cold in Minnesota. Loony is very content living in a warm climate, even if it is for a short period of time, and he is now resting from jet lag 30 minutes a day from the long plane ride home, and from the time difference in Utah from Minnesota.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Loony: The Loon from Minneapolis

There once was a loon that lived in a corner of a janitor's closet in a store. This loon's name was Loony. Loony was preparing for the cold winter that was about to slap down on Minnesota. He wished that someone, since he was a stuffed animal for sale, would buy him and take him to a warmer climate. One day, when Loony was collecting scraps to make a den, a person walked in who took quite an interest in Loony. Loony was so excited! This had never happened before! The man grabbed Loony and took it up to the front desk. When Loony heard the "beep" of the scanner, his eyes nearly fell out! Loony was placed in a sack and was taken out of the store. A whoosh of warmth came nesting into the bag. It made Loony feel like he was resting on a beach in Hawaii. Man, thought Loony, I hope I never go into that store again. When Loony seemed to be tired of lying uncomfortably in a sack for a long time, he decided to take a peek of where he was. When he looked, it seemed he was on a hotel bed. Loony couldn't see the man that had bought him at the store earlier, so he decided to hop out of the sack and onto the bed. As Loony stepped onto the bed, he thought, Ahhh! This is absolute paradise. The bed feels so soft, the smell of the store is gone, and now I can relax on this bed until the man comes back! Loony fell back straight into the bed and dozed off in less than 5 seconds. When Loony woke up, he was in the sack again, but this time, something was different. It was darker, and seemed to be a lot of work to get up and out of the sack. When Loony suceeded at getting out of the bag, it looked like he was in a suitcase. Could Loony be moving out of Minnesota? It would be an absolute relief if he was going somewhere warmer like California or Hawaii. Loony could feel the bumps the suitcase was making, and the muffeled conversations of people walking in the airport. He started to get very tired again, so he went back to sleep in a jiffy. The next time Loony woke up, he was once again in the sack. But he was being carried this time. He could hear a conversation that sounded like the man that had bought him, and a little child. It sounded like,"Hey bub, I got you a present from my trip." and then, "You did? What is it?! What is it?! What is it?!". Then Loony got pulled out of the sack and got placed into the hands of the child. The child gave him kisses and hugs until Loony almost suffocated. Now, Loony is living happily with the child, whos name is still unknown, and the man, whos name is still unknown.
P.S. Loony might send you a postcard! (:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Favorite Characters of Regular Show

Have you ever heard of Regular Show on Cartoon Network? My favorite character is High-Five Ghost. He doesn't talk very much, but I like his voice and how it is programmed to sound cool. My 2nd favorite character is Pops. I like him because he's very dumb for a man his age. In the the order of my favorites, Skips, Rigby, Mordecai, and Benson. All of these are very funny and interesting characters.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sandiego Zoo Live

Ever wanted to go too a famous zoo, but your parents are saying it is too expensive? Well you can go to the famous zoo now. The zoo I'm talking about is the Sandiego Zoo, home of the famous panda cubs, Su Lin and Su Lin brother, Mei Sheing. Just look up panda cam on the Internet and click on the first option they give you. Then, you will stream live to the pandas and hopefully see some action. You may also go on other live cameras like the Ape Cam, the Elephant Cam, and the Polar Bear Cam! I hope you find some action! :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Cheese Strikes Back

No Cheese Strikes Back
Wolfy suddenly stepped into a puddle of something very sticky. He didn’t know what it was, but he decided to take a lick of it. Foolishly, Wolfy dipped his head into the ice cream and began to pass out. He woke up imprisoned in No Cheese’s secret lair, with surveillance cameras surrounding him, and his arms and legs as sticky as scotch tape as they powerfully stuck to an uncomfortable steel bed. Wolfy struggled for hours to get loose, not caring if the surveillance cameras noticed him succeeding to escape the prison. He then began to hear footsteps starting to become louder and louder as they approached. Wolfy closed his eyes nervously. When he opened them slightly, he saw a blurry figure of an N and a C. No Cheese! Wolfy tried to throw one of his snowballs at him, but to Wolfy’s surprise, he was powerless! No Cheese pulled out some kind of ray that seemed to have an ice cream sundae painted on both sides of it. Wolfy was to anxious to think of what the ray would shoot, and before he could figure it out, the ray shot out some creamy stuff that looked like what Wolfy had licked earlier if he could remember clearly. Wolfy suddenly became unconscious again, and woke up again imprisoned, but this time, the cell was different. There were no scratches on the wall, or graphite on the ceiling. Wolfy felt uneasy in the detainment. Wolfy switched his mind from the anxiousness from the cell, to what that ray from earlier had shot at him. When he heard footsteps again, which had sounded exactly like No Cheese’s from the other cell, he wasn’t nervous anymore, for he knew this was No Cheese and he knew he would find out what that gun was shooting. When the footsteps silenced, Wolfy was as surprised as ever, for this was not No Cheese, it was No Cheese’s guards opening the gate to the cell. Wolfy tried everything to get free. He even tried to bite his arm off a couple of times. He had known he had no powers, and didn’t want to embarrass himself again by throwing nothing at the guards. The guards used some kind of potion that got the stickiness of the metal bed. They carried Wolfy to a room with giant lab doors as an entrance. There, Wolfy saw No Cheese reloading his ray. On the giant screen above No Cheese was a gigantic ice cream cone. Wolfy suddenly figured out what No Cheese was shooting at him. Ice cream! The stuff that Wolfy was allergic to! Wolfy also spotted a big glass ball with blue magic in it. Wolfy’s powers! Wolfy’s powers had been taken by No Cheese to make Wolfy powerless so No Cheese could destroy him easily. Well Wolfy wouldn’t take it anymore! He tried to find a strategy to break the glass sphere and restore his powers. Wolfy looked all around the room to find a way. In a second or two, Wolfy found a simple yet brilliant way. What he would do was punch both of the guards with each fist (knocking the guards out), run quickly towards No Cheese and jump on No Cheese’s shoulders, back flip to the humungous sphere, break the glass, and restore his powers. Wolfy followed the plan, and ended up having his powers regained. Now all he had to do was freeze No Cheese. This step was somewhat easy, but, right when the snowball hit No Cheese in the cheek, a loud alarm went off. Suddenly, more guards came in! Wolfy tried to not be hesitant, but he got passed out again by a shot of ice cream. Pretty soon, Wolfy woke up where this was when all of this chaos began, by the ice cream puddle.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joseph the Grump

There's this grumpy kid at my swim class named Joseph and he complains about every reasonable thing I do. Like once, I was swimming a 50 Freestyle and I accidentally whacked him in the face because he was on the wrong side of the lane. Joseph had a theory that he had a black eye, but he didn't. When I finished my 50, Joseph was still at the other end of the pool, but he didn't look really angry. He began swimming a made-up stroke back to the end I was at. When he got there, he began to get really mad. He kept asking "Why did you hit me in the face?" or, "No passing!" I would then reply, "I didn't do it purposely." and, "Hey, you were the one who was stopping, and there's no excuse to that." And also on Butterfly, I was finishing a 25 and I then again accidentally ran my finger through Joseph's teeth. I was going to say I was sorry, but Joseph quickly interrupted me and said, "Don't put my your fingers in my mouth!" and then he started to make an annoying little jingle out of the demand. He sang the awful jingle for four 25s, and when he stopped, my eardrums were about to pass out. At the end of the lesson, I had an urge to shout out a bad word to Joseph, but I didn't. I got wrapped up in my towel and spent the whole ride home thinking badly of Joseph, and I probably will be for 1,000,000 years.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree
My Christmas tree is beautiful! It has bright yellow lights that look like golden green. There are some cream flowers here and there on it. My Christmas tree has lots of interesting ornaments! Fruit-like ornaments, glittery ornaments that have either the color orange or green, silver ornaments, colorful ornaments, and more! There is 1 star fruit ornament on the tree that we put on the very top. My Christmas tree, without a doubt, is beautiful and brings a lot of joy into our family.